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About Lar Do Caminho

LAR DO CAMINHO USA is a fully registered public charity located in Miami, and incorporated in the state of Florida as an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-taxable entity. Our mission is to raise funds for Lar do Caminho, an orphanage founded in Brazil in 1974 for the benefit of children whose families are unable to provide adequate childcare. The children are entrusted to the organization by court order. They are given not just shelter and basic needs, but are ensured a broad education, emphasizing character-building. We invest in the children’s potential by helping them to recover their self-esteem.
Lar do Caminho promotes the overall development of children at risk, throughout their formative years, and assures that they become fully and positively integrated into society.

Over its 42 years, Lar do Caminho has emphasized a holistic approach to child rearing. The institution focuses on each child’s academic, physical, motor and intellectual development as well as their social interaction: concentrating on affection and friendship. The lives of over 600 children have benefited from this extraordinary program.

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Our Team

Board of Directors

President - Patricia S. Zottolo

Vice-President - Gabriela Cheli

Treasurer - Patricia Salles

Secretary - Alexander Christiani

Committee Chairs

Patricia Troster Alves

Dea Aquino-Birnberg

Elizabeth Kuhn Deakin

Liliana Kawase

Claudia Leme

Luciana Ribenboim

Liana Rivas

Sueli Roberts

Mayra Roubach

Iara Vilela Silva

Luciana Mendes

Maria Eliza Monteiro

Irany Pinheiro​​

Cristina Simoes

Cecilia Vivacqua

Debora S. Zottolo